Concrete Jungle Foundation Request

Organisation Description

Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) is an non-profit organisation that works to empower at-risk youth in communities worldwide through fostering and sustaining the positive values inherent to skateboarding. To do this we build public skateparks, actively manage them as youth-focused community centres, and implement youth development programmes to promote health and well-being, access to education, community development and economic growth.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking two to four new Trustee Board members to help shape the direction of our non-profit with a global reach. This position is a rewarding one and ideal for those who wish to apply their wisdom and creativity to problem-solving with youth in at-risk areas and sustainable development. This is an unpaid/voluntary position. We are particularly keen to hear from people in groups that experience discrimination and prejudice. We recognise the strength that diversity of leadership will bring to our organisation, and its importance to working in partnership with local communities to foster the joy of skateboarding and preserve local culture. We welcome applications from people who have not previously served as a trustee. The expected time requirement will be around 8–12 days per year. This will comprise four board meetings plus preparation time, occasional engagement with staff, and participation in other meetings and events. The term of office is two years and the maximum number of consecutive terms is three. For more details, please see here: