Individual donors

Youth Opportunity

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Social Equity and Inclusion


It can be challenging for individuals to sift through the tens of thousands of UK charities. How do you find the best ones? How can you know which ones will use your donations most effectively?

Benefits of a partnership with The Fore

The Fore assesses and conducts due diligence on hundreds of applications each year. By working with The Fore you will:

  • Know that your donations are going to carefully selected organisations
  • Make your funding go further – we provide our grantees with wraparound skills support and training
  • Have routes to get involved one-on-one with compelling organisations
  • See from The Fore’s insight and impact reports the benefits your support is providing
  • Learn about philanthropy in a no-pressure environment

To learn more, contact Audrey Slade or Kate Hoyles at [email protected]