Unrestricted funding

  • We offer unrestricted grants of up to £30,000, spread over one to three years
  • This can be used for whatever you need for your organisation to grow, strengthen, become more efficient or resilient
  • Applicants set their own targets for the grant term with the support of our consultants
  • There are no long application or monitoring forms
  • We guarantee feedback for every applicant

Skills and training

Skills support and networking

  • Skills support from our corporate partners, and access to our community of 1,000+ skilled professionals
  • Skills provided include strategy, business planning, communications, HR, IT and trusteeships
  • Fill out this form to submit your request for support
  • Matchmaking events to pair you with highly qualified mentors, volunteers, and trustees
  • An invitation to our peer-to-peer network, with our other portfolio charities and The Fore team

Impact measurement

  • Free impact measurement courses to all our portfolio charities
  • These cover topics such as creating a Theory of Change, collecting the right evidence, and communicating your impact
  • We also offer shorter, two-hour long impact sessions as part of our workshops programme

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